Free As a Bird


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Captures the essence of Freedom

In a realm where dreams take flight, a bird named Jade soared with unbridled freedom. With each stroke of her wings, she defied gravity and embraced the boundless sky.

Jade’s existence knew no limitations or worries. She revelled in the beauty of her surroundings, weaving through sun-kissed clouds and dancing with the wind. Every day was an adventure, a testament to the unburdened joy of living.

Humans yearned to glimpse the world through Jade’s eyes, to taste the sweet nectar of liberation.

They marvelled at her effortless grace and envied her existence free from the constraints of time and material concerns.

‘Free As A Bird’ painted the dreams of those who longed for true freedom. It whispered to hearts, reminding them to shed the burdens that held them captive, to embrace the untamed spirit within.

This artwork became a beacon, a reminder that within each person lies the power to break free, to soar with the grace and majesty of a bird in flight.

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