The Waves


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Amidst the azure expanse, a canvas unfolds,

“The Waves,”

Inspired by the beach, where the ocean meets the sky,

Captures life’s essence, as the waves crash and fly.

In rhythmic movement, they dance and they sway,

Reflections of existence in their transient display.

Challenges rise and fall, like the tides they embrace,

Temporary hurdles, each one a chance to embrace.

As a surfer on waves, skillfully navigating the ride,

beckons viewers to see life’s stride.

Embracing the ups and downs, learning to adapt,

The ebb and flow of existence, a lesson well-mapped.

Resilience and cyclical nature, the waves do portray,

A reminder to remain steadfast, come what may.

Opportunities for growth, renewal, they bring,

Life’s ever-changing tides, a captivating offering.

“The Waves,” an invitation to contemplate and see,

The beauty and wisdom in life’s rhythmic decree.

For just as the ocean, forever in motion, endures,

So too can we, riding life’s waves, as it assures.

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